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College Prep High School Set To Launch In Hemet

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College Prep High School (CPHS), proudly sponsored by the Hemet Unified School District, is a brand new charter high school opening this August, 2013. CPHS will be serving students in the Hemet/San Jacinto Valley, grades 9-12, with a focus on providing rigorous college preparatory course work. CPHS will offer a curriculum that not only allows students to satisfy state graduation requirements but meets or exceeds the Cal State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) A-G entrance requirements.

A “Prep school” is similar to a traditional public school in that many of the core standards and requirements are the same. Where a prep school differs is in the pursuit of preparing students for college. Many traditional high schools focus on making sure students meet the necessary requirements for graduation by taking a certain amount of classes that transfer into credits. School districts vary in the amount of credits that are required to graduate. Prep schools, like CPHS, go above and beyond by offering high school students the opportunity to take courses that count for graduation and post-secondary education.

College Prep High School will be working in conjunction with Mt. San Jacinto College to offer a “dual enrollment” course format that give students the opportunity to take classes for both high school and college credit. Classes will be taught at the high school campus by college professors. The first three classes to be offered in the fall will be:

  • Sociology 101
  • History 111
  • Guidance 100

College Prep High School prepares students to be 21st century citizens

College Prep High School seeks to prepare its students for college not just through rigorous academics but focusing on the “total person”. It used to be that a high GPA and SAT scores was what guaranteed admission to college. Not so anymore. Four-year colleges are looking for well rounded individuals who hold qualities like: leadership, initiative, a willingness to take risk, a sense of social responsibility, a commitment to service and special talents and abilities. College Prep high School embraces all of theses attributes and more.

Spaces at CPHS are filling quickly. If you are interested in this free charter high school, please contact our office at (951) 925-5155 or complete the online application found in the “enrollment” section of our website.

We are looking for eager students interested in a project based curriculum and early access to college courses. The high school is located in the city of Hemet and we are open to HUSD students as well as interested individuals in surrounding communities. We will get your student on the path to college while offering them a variety of electives including traditional offerings such as ASB Leadership and Yearbook. We will also offer extra-curricular activities that will enhance your student’s high school experience.

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